the regular

I think my previous post was appropriately themed considering that tomorrow is my last day as a Fellow. But the theatric wording did not accurately represent the normalcy of my life over the last few months.

No matter where we go I believe that we naturally seek regularity. A routine lets one take comfort in habit and extend the illusion of control and predictability to an otherwise chaotic world. And my experience as a Kiva Fellow has been no different.

I was a regular customer at certain establishments, was in regular contact with people back home (Ian and Jamal, you guys kept me sane), and even had a regular running path where either every night or every morning I would jog by all of my haunts.

In other words, I had a regular life outside of the ‘glamour’ of Kiva and I thought that would be the most appropriate thing to share in my final post (for now). I will miss my solitary and growth-filled life in Chiclayo but I am ready to keep traveling and come home for Christmas.

So for everyone who has encouraged me, supported me or contributed financially to this experience, thank you!

Click here if you want to the pictures I have taken in Peru so far. I will post links when I update with photos from Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil.

11.05.09 – the regular

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