Shereef Zaki

B.A., Economics and International Relations, Bucknell University

Born in Cairo, Egypt but having grown up in the US I have always recognized the transformative potential of transnational community. I attended Bucknell University and to understand the interconnectedness of the world studied economics and international relations. During my second year at Bucknell I participated in the Bucknell Brigade, a service-learning based sustainable development trip, sparking my intrigue in contemporary Latin American issues. This led to a semester learning, living, and adventuring in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile. Upon returning to Bucknell, I went on to lead the Bucknell Brigade, further honing my interest in community-led development born of global community building. Since graduating, I have worked in the office of International Development at the University of Pennsylvania and co-led Putney GAIA El Salvador 2008 and Community Service Ecuador 2009.

I am thrilled to return to Latin America this fall as a Kiva Fellow and participate in micro-finance based development and I intend to be a fellow again this winter/spring in the Middle East. I personally believe that when local, national and transnational communities enter into an interdependent relationship like that of borrower and lender the collective stake they have in each other’s well being creates the circumstances to resolve conflict in addition to creating prosperity.

After my Kiva Fellowship ends, I hope to pursue a Masters in International Political Economy blended with Conflict Resolution.